Thursday, May 08, 2008

Some Open Letters

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To my in-laws, Grampa Jem and Gramma Yori,

Thank you so much for all your hard work this weekend. You and Mr. Kluges got a TON done. Gramma Yori, the newly painted kitchen and living room look great! And I know it was slow going in the LR since the varnish was too old and delicate to mask it with blue tape. Plus painting behind the radiator makes you a champ. Grampa Jem, it was due to your help and know-how that the LR floor got jacked up and the framing for the new support wall was built. Also, good eye on finding the floor jacks on sale in the paper! Also, it's so nice to have the storm windows off and the (few) screens up and the doorbell fixed.

On a side note, it turns out we cut down a few of the neighbors' buckthorns as the line isn't quite where we thought it was. Oops. Oh well.

Thanks again!
The Owners of the House of 42 Doors

Dear Penguin,

Please stop finding stuff on the floor and eating it.

Your Mom

To My Parents, who will be coming to visit fairly soon,

It's ok with us if take it a little easier when you're visiting. Because I think I'm still exhausted from trying to keep up with the in-laws!

Your Best Daughter

Dear Penguin,

Just because it's on the floor does NOT mean it is edible.

Your Mom

To The Father of My Children, who are too young to cook on their own,

*cough* Ahem, Mother's Day is this weekend and I like hash browns and coffee and bacon &/or sausage with my breakfast in bed. ;)

The woman who went through labor twice without any epidurals to birth those very children

Dear Penguin,

I know you don't know math yet, but here you go anyway...

Stuff on floor <> Food


Your Mom, who really does sweep the floor sometimes, even if it's apparently not often enough

Dear Cold,

Please go away. I am quite tired of your company.

And take your friends Cough and Sneeze with you, 'k?

Very sincerely,


kittenpie said...

totally relate on that last.

But hash browns... ooh. I luuuurve hash browns. Bet they have salt in them, though. Feh.

Anonymous said...

You are welcome for all the hard work! We had a great time! Hope the neighbor wasn't toooo bummed out about the buckthorn....
Gramma Yori

Pusher said...

Hooray in-laws!

These letters made me laugh out loud several times.

Cinj said...

Ha, it feels good to snort laugh once in a while.

I can relate with the eating food off the floor thing. I was lazy at times. When you have kids it seems impossible to keep the floor clean. (Even when they're 7 and 10! At least they've outgrown the eating food off the floor thing....)

Aren't in-laws great? Yay for getting all those projects done. Maybe the neighbors won't notice???