Tuesday, June 10, 2008


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Sorry for the week of no posts. I didn't have anything worthy of being turned into a Friday Funny, and then Mr. Kluges's parents came for a long weekend, so I didn't have much computer time. However, we had lots of fun visiting a local festival and a very productive time as well, with many projects getting done around the House of 42 Doors.

I can now use the built-in ironing board, for example. Before I was (legitimately!) afraid it would fall on my head when I opened the door. Of course, this built-in, wooden ironing board wouldn't fit a standard ironing board cover, because why would anything in this house be standard? But thanks to Grampa Jem, it's been made functional, both in terms of not falling on my head and being slightly shape-altered closer to the norm. Now I'm in business, once I find the iron...

And thanks to Gramma Yori, our back hallway is now painted - ceiling white and the walls the same yellow (Sherwin-Williams Hubbard Squash) as the living room (LR photos here). That's partly because I wanted it cheery with a bit of warmth, especially in the winter, when we can see our breath in that unheated space when we're on our way down to the basement, and partly because the living room took slightly less than one gallon when we'd purchased two. *grin* So yellow it became. Much better than the old manilla paper color it was top to bottom and ceiling as well when she started.

Before I go, I just want to give a special shout-out to Jaysan and The Sexy Blonde AND THEIR NEW BABY! Welcome to the world, little one!


kittenpie said...

Gotta love a productive weekend... Not that I've seen one in a while! Maybe this week, since we finally got our reno bin?

Pusher said...

I laughed at your paint reasoning. Why yes, our hallway is a light version of the gray tone in our bedroom. And we totally wanted it that way! It's not because we had not-quite-enough leftover bedroom paint and not-quite-enough leftover white, it was completely deliberate. Right.

Hooray for productive weekends and helpful in-laws!