Monday, June 02, 2008

Penguin - English Dictionary V. 1

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Ah-tuh Hot. By extension, coffee or Mommy's coffee cup. In fact, any coffee cup sitting around might be "ah-tuh."

Ah duh! All done. A favorite often said immediately upon being placed in high chair. Has also been heard in the car and at church, which was the cause of some giggling in our pew. Can be seen here.

Ana or nana Banana. This is a very recent acquisition, but has been demonstrated at home, when seeing the bananas at the store, and when I put said bananas on the conveyor belt to pay for them.

At-uh!!! Cat. Also, bunny, squirrel, and likely any other furry animal she sees outside. Much excitement with this one!

Dada Daddy aka Mr. Kluges

Mamama Mommy. Not heard very much. Probably because AAAAAAAAHHH!, WAAAAAHHH! and other yelling often suffice.

Na Pumpkin's real name, or at least as close as Penguin can get.

Grandparents, be sure to study up before your next visits! :)

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Allknowingjen said...

Fun! "Na" is so cute! I hope she keeps that one for a long time :)