Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Three Good Things

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First, thank you all for your kind and supportive comments. I felt a bit better about the whole "I can't believe she could go to school this fall; is she really ready?" business after writing it out, but I felt very much so better after hearing from so many of you. I'd forgotten how many of you that I still know from our small smarty-pants college were/are young'uns in your classes growing up - that makes me feel better, too. 'Cuz obviously I think you all turned out ok. :)

Secondly, I've been gradually losing a pound or two over time since the beginning of the year and making it one of my resolutions. Hence, I'm down about 7 or 8 pounds since January. Yay, me! Not that I'm there yet, but I'm within 5 lbs. of my goal. That's encouraging.

Finally, due to the above mentioned weight loss, and the fact that most of my 'nice' (aka in decent shape) shorts and capris were purchased last year when I was only a few months post-partum mean that they don't fit anymore. In fact, 3 of the 5 pairs I bought last summer I can pull off without unbuttoning them. Therefore, tonight I get to go shopping ALL BY MYSELF! You do not KNOW how exciting that is, but consider this... of my week, usually, at least 95% of it is spent in the company, or at least in the same building (like when they're asleep), as at least one, and usually both, of my children. Really. Since my dance class is done for the summer, I don't have a regular hour or two away each week. So unless I bug out to go rummage sale-ing (once so far this summer) or to a movie (once since Penguin was born) or to run one stinkin' errand on my own, I'm with at least one of 'em. And love 'em though I do, I'm REALLY REALLY excited to get to do something all by myself!

In fact, why am I still writing this to y'all?! I'm outta here! The stores are only open so long!!!


kittenpie said...

Go! Run! While the gettings good! (Why do you think I go to work? At least i can commute alone, though jammed into a crowd, still by myself.)

Pusher said...

Congrats on all that progress! I hope you enjoyed your alone time and found lots of cute clothes.

Happy Veggie said...

Escape! Escape!

Even with work, I still need time "alone" its why I go to the grocery store alone.

Allknowingjen said...

oooh! I love alone shopping. :) I do know how exciting it is! Hope you found some cute stuff and I hope it was even on sale!

Ms. Huis Herself said...

You know what?! EVERY SINGLE THING I GOT WAS ON SALE! And some was even on CLEARANCE! I stayed until 11 and it was awesome.

DiploWhat said...

Ms. Huis,
While I should be happy for you, I would appreciate it if you would stop losing pounds, because I am finding them everywhere!
Maybe I can get a good bout of food poisoning early on in China and lose some of them myself.