Saturday, January 09, 2010

Brd, berd, bird is a word!

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I wanted to share this project with you all. Penguin and Pumpkin had gotten, respectively, a pom-pom bug making kit and a pom-pom bird making kit from the neighbors for Christmas. We finally put them together today. Good fun, but definitely required adult help! Pumpkin was so taken with her birds that she drew them a branch with nests, labeled with their names. Check it out.

(In case you're having trouble with the image, that's OeOL, GODFicH, BiUBrD, and crDLNL.)

Here's some more clues... the birds themselves.

(Kittenpie just posted recently about how her daughter is interested in spelling, too, and how English is NOT an easy language to learn (or teach) correct spellings! That's one of the reasons I posted this.)


kittenpie said...

Ha, I love the mostly there but not quite spellings. She's doing well!

Pusher said...

Tres impressive! I could figure them out even without the aid of the birds, and those are some pretty long and daunting words she took on.