Sunday, January 03, 2010

2009 Resolutions in Review

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Ok, yes, I AM going to be doing resolutions again this year. I just find it helpful to reflect & review on last year's first.

So, here are the old ones... I had three big ones:
  • To finish getting down to my goal weight and BMI of 24.
  • To get better at tidying up and cleaning.
  • To get rid of 365 things this year.
I totally rocked the second two. Thanks to a few recommendations, I started trying out the Flylady system and it made a WORLD of difference. I love her routines, & permission for "good enough" instead of (unreachable) perfection, and 5 (or 10 or 15) minutes can really make a difference. Following her routines, missions, and challenges has helped me tremendously with the tidying up, the cleaning, and the decluttering. If you are making something like this a goal, by all means, check out her website. It's all free, even though I find the website a bit difficult to navigate, and even if you only pick up a few habits, they can really make a difference. I'm totally sticking with her this next year for sure!

And as for getting rid fo 365 things, I did that by the end of September! Hip, hip, hooray! I kind of stopped keeping track after that in my sidebar chart, but I'm still gradually setting things aside for charity and/or my nephew and/or tossing things. I think doing this has really helped me realize the world will not end if I don't keep something, and that mental adjustment will really help me keep (gradually) going.

...and let's just not talk about that first one. Not only did I not meet it, well, I gave myself more to work with in terms of my 2010 resolutions, you might say. :P

Now, time to finalize my goals for 2010!

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