Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Update on Sick Penguin

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Penguin's doing much better. While she continued to be feverish into late yesterday, her temps were hovering just under 100F most of the time, which is a lot less worrying than 103F! Since it wasn't strep after all & her temp was still super high on Friday night, we went in to doctor on Saturday & they checked her out again. Other than fever, the doctor said she could have been in for a well visit - no redness in her throat or ears and lungs sounded crystal clear. She thought it be might be roseola, so now that her fever's down, I'm keeping an eye out for the rash that may be following.

Also, I'm totally looking forward to maybe getting to, you know, sleep though the night again without having to go comfort and/or medicate poor sick Penguin. *yawn*

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