Monday, January 04, 2010

2010 Resolutions

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I've been reflecting on my 2009 goals for a while now. I knew which ones went well... and which one didn't. And of course I've been trying to figure out what I'd like to make for 2010's resolutions. While there are a ton of areas where I could improve, I need to keep my focus more narrow... or I won't actually get anything done! :)

Last year I focused on two area: weight and organization/tidiness/cleanliness/decluttering. Ok, well, in my head that long slash-y one counts as one. :) I'm choosing the same two areas this year, but I'm going to hit the health/weight one a little harder!

In order to get in better shape (and get down to my goal weight & BMI of 24), I'm going to:
  • Exercise most nights of the week - right now that means practicing belly dance or doing the 30 Day Shred or one of the other exercise DVDs we've got. Since we bought a new tv, we now have the old one in the basement, in what will be the exercise room. Now, all we need is an elliptical (and/or treadmill) and that'll be another option. And it's nights because, based on previous experience, I will NEVER get up early enough to do it in the mornings. (But if I do, it would totally count.)
  • Do the Couch-to-5K Program...and run in a 5K race - totally stealing this one from All-Knowing Jen. I was impressed when she did it before, and inspired enough to give it a go this year. I'm going to wait until it's a bit nicer out before starting this, but there's a local 5K in July... can't sign up yet, but I will as soon as I can, so that I HAVE to keep it up. Also, if I get better about exercising regularly now, I'll be in better shape to start that, and exercising will hopefully be more routine/habit than it is now.
  • Reduce/avoid empty calories - we eat pretty healthy meals, well-balanced, not too fatty, rarely very pre-processed, and nearly never fast food. But oh, do the empty calories sneak up on me! So, once again, I'm going to try to reduce my munching after supper, avoid buying things like chips that I cannot leave alone once they're in the house, and keep an eye on soda/beer/wine empty calories (which means drink fewer good beers, 'cuz I'm not switching to something tasteless!).
In the organization/house-keeping/cleanliness/tidiness arena, which is more secondary for me this year, I'm going to:
  • Keep following the Flylady - Oh, how much easier my life has become since I've started her (free) program. I know I've gushed about her before here, numerous times, but I'm one who sometimes needs a little kick in the pants to get going... and her emails and routines really, really do help me. So, since I'm already enjoying a cleaner/tidier/(slightly) less cluttered house with her help, I'm keeping it up!
  • Spend 30 minutes per weekend on the attic room - I'd love to get this space more organized and actually usable. I see it as becoming an away space for me, where I can have a craft project (like, oh, maybe an unfinished mosaic...) set up so I can work on it without having to allow for all the set-up/take-down time. Plus, it's a really cool space with a great view out the front. I've done this the past two weekends, and a half hour is the perfect amount of time for me to work on it - long enough to actually get something done, but I'm about ready to be done with the mess/dust/temperature by the time the timer beeps. Also, thanks to Mr. Kluges for making this one in particular possible since it's definitely NOT something I can do with the kids underfoot!
  • Paint the small area behind the radiator in our room (in the summer) - not a big deal by any means, but it catches my eye more often than I'd like since right now it's white behind there. Not going to happen until the radiators aren't hot anymore and I can open the windows to let it air out. It'll probably take me less than a half hour in all, but hey, if I put it on this list, it should actually get done... and I could use a bit of a "gimme" here!
So, there we go. Here's hoping for progress with all 6 of 'em! And if you're doing any resolutions/goals, too, best of luck to you.


Allknowingjen said...

Yay! I think you will really like the C25K :) We can keep each other going.

Re:flylady. I've been wondering, do you do her shoe thing? what shoes do you wear inside?

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Hooray! I thought it was so cool when you did it the first time - I was/am so impressed!

Um, no, I don't. I know, it's one of her "things," but I can't do it - first I worried about stepping on the kids' fingers/toes; plus I'd not want to go inside/outside with them; plus I have clogs/slipons by each door to just put on when I need to go outside... and mostly 'cuz I grew up in a "no shoes in the house" family. I have thought about getting some of those get-fit type shoes like MBT just for inside, but I'm cheap plus I'd need to try them on first, so no ordering online.

How's that for a long answer?! :)

pippasmum said...

Thanks for the suggestion about Flylady. I checked her out this morning and I think I need to give her strategies a try.