Thursday, April 08, 2010

Are we sure it's April 8th & not the 1st?

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MY calendar says April 8th today, but it looks like Mother Nature decided to do us an April Fools' Day trick a week late. Here was our front yard yesterday.

And here's this morning...

Our very surprised flowering forsythia bush.

The neighbors' Easter Egg tree

Oh, poor squill!

'Course, at least they managed to stick out of the snow sometimes, which is more than I can say for my little crocuses, which were nothing but tiny little snow bumps this morning!

Oh, that reminds me, I told Pumpkin I'd try to take a photo of their 2 snowmen when I had a chance, so I'd better run and do that before it gets any later.

Wishing you a springy spring, with April RAIN showers!

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Pusher said...

I've been waiting for that here, but I guess considering how completely screwy this spring has been, it would be my Zone 5 friends who get it instead!

Hope the girls enjoyed the bonus snow. The squill are still pretty!