Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time for some more open letters

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Dear Grandparents Coming This Weekend & the Ones Coming the Next,

How do you feel about playgrounds? Also, how do you feel about hard work? These two might very well be related...

...but your granddaughters will love you even more!

The One Who Hauled 5 Boxes Labeled "Playset" on Monday

Dear Weeds,

I hate you. I realize it's only April & we've still got the whole garden arena in which to rumble, but I'm starting out in a hatey state of mind already.

With Malice,
The One Who is Trying to Uproot ALL of You From Where Aforementioned Playset is Going

Dear Strawberry Plants,

A couple of flowers? Already? Um, ok?

Puzzled, but Hopeful,
The One Who Will Weed Around You

Dear Couch-to-5K Program,

Thank you. You keep surprising me by what it turns out I can do. I'm through Week 6 already, which means I've managed to run 25 minutes straight. Go, me!

I know, I know, I curse you (sometimes aloud) three times a week, but dang, if you aren't good for me.

The Sweaty, Winded One

Dear Scale,

I hate you. Running is HARD work & makes me hungry.

The Snacker

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