Sunday, April 04, 2010

Components of a Great Easter Morning

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Penguin slept the night through and seems (knock on wood) much, much improved. She stayed home from church with Mr. Kluges just in case & also to avoid germ spreading.

I woke up about 5:30 am on my own (well, partially thanks to the overly chipper birds. It's still dark out! What're they doing up?!) and snuck outside... er, I mean, sources close to the investigation state that 20 plastic eggs were successfully hidden around the front yard by the EASTER BUNNY in the early morning WHILE EVERYONE WAS ASLEEP INSIDE.

Also good news, the Easter Bunny unintentionally avoided the motion detector lights by the garage until the end, but since the neighborhood all appeared to still be sleeping, nobody probably saw her duckie pjs.

Even more importantly, the Easter Bunny must have learned from a minor fiasco last year, and did NOT leave the chocolate bunnies in the sunlight this year. Apparently, even though it's still quite chilly in the mornings, that sun shining on a clear cellophane package acts like a greenhouse. Poor Pumpkin had to get a replacement bunny last year. :)

Pumpkin and I got to church early enough that we were able to get great seats close to the front with a clear view of the brass ensemble that played a few times... and where I had a clear view of our pastor shaving during/as the children's sermon. *

Mr. Kluges made pancakes (from the Joy of Cooking, not Bisquick!) for brunch, which I decorated in the pan with stripes of mini chocolate chips, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries & some Reece's Pieces Pumpkin donated to the cause. YUM! and fancy looking!

Not that Penguin's wanting to (or allowed to) eat much beyond jello & crackers & clear juice, but she was allowed a couple of small pieces of candy without (as of yet) ill effect.

This morning I got some (I think) great photos of the girls Easter egg hunting outside in their gorgeous (as always!) Easter dresses from TNGreatAunt. I'm especially looking forward to sharing some of the ones of them in their lavender/purple dresses in front of the yellow-flowering forsythia bush.

(And now you know what Wordless Wednesday is likely to be this week!)

Hope you are all enjoying a lovely, relaxing, beautiful Easter Sunday, too!

*He really did. Bowl of water instead of a sink, towel to protect his clothes, actual shaving cream & razor, one of the kids up front for the children's sermon holding the mirror (Up, wait, down a little...turn it this way a bit... ok, hold still. No, up a bit...) - the works. Point of children's sermon? That they/we could tell all kinds of people about this story... but that many wouldn't believe. Your pastor shaved during church? Right up front? No way! Much like nobody believed the women when they discovered Jesus' tomb was empty. And there's your Easter message. :)

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Anonymous said...

aren't ducky pajamas the official Easter Bunny disguise?