Monday, January 07, 2008

My 13th Day of Christmas

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On the 13th day of Christmas, my day it did include....

12 gallons of water (sucked from the basement floor by shop-vac due to the rain, the frozen ground, and the rivulets coming down the inside of one wall),

11 dollars and change (per light for the two for-once-we-picked-the-cheap-ones lights for the back hallway that we bought tonight),

10 "Xmas" box labels (1/side plus 1 on the top for each of the two boxes of now packed-away Christmas gear. Yay, me!),

9 phone calls (at least - to the pediatrician's office twice about setting up a well-baby appointment, to the bank about the checks I ordered that haven't arrived yet, from Mr. Kluges about the furnace guys coming, to Mr. Kluges about the boiler, from the locksmith who was running late, to Mr. Kluges about the 12 gallons of water, to Mr. Kluges about the lock, from Mr. Kluges about the lock),

8 diaper changes (yeah, that's an approximation, but hey, you don't expect me to actually count them, do you?),

7 "Help me, Mommy"s (again, an approximation or an "at least," take your pick),

Six-ty six degrees (the temp our thermostat's set at... for our heat that went wonky on last Friday. Don't worry too much though as we've had heat... we've just had to short-circuit or jump it or something when it gets too cold and we need it to start back up. *shrug* I dunno, I just know how to undo the wire, flip the switch off then on, then reconnect the wire.)

5 installed lights (yay for Steve the Electrician, who put up the newly purchased and/or rewired ones),

4 days for the part (the heat exchanger that's being ordered from North Carolina, see #2 below and #6 above),

3 hours of time for the locksmith (trying to fix the of-course-it's-the-House-of-42-Doors non-standard lock on the front door that also broke on Friday),

2 furnace guys (who still couldn't fix the boiler, see #4 & 6 above)

and a girl who fell asleep in the store! (Yup, Pumpkin conked out with her head on Mr. Kluges's coat in the cart at the big box hardware store after supper... and slept through the transfer to the car, into the house, out of jeans and into pj bottoms, and into bed.)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy day. If you ever need to talk I am here for an extra phone call to your day.

Pusher said...

Yeesh. I hope you got to sleep as well as Pumpkin, after a day like that.

Syl said...

Don't you miss falling asleep like that and just magically ending up in bed?

ewe are here said...

The wee ones are so darn cute when they just go floppy!

Damesh said...

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