Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pumpkin, Food Scientist

(c) 2008 Ms. Huis Herself at musenmutter.blogspot.com

So this is, as near as I can get to verbatim, a conversation Pumpkin and I had today, going down the stairs to the basement.

P: What does east eat?

M: What? What does east eat? I don't know what you m... Oh. Yeast. What does yeast eat?

P: Yeah.

M: Yeast eats sugar.

P: Yeast eats sugar and then it makes bread.

M: Mm-hmm. Watch your step.

P: Then east eats sugar and has gas.

M: After yeast eats sugar, it makes gas, that's right. *grin*

P: And then the east makes gas and it makes the holes in the bread. And then it makes more east! And we can make more bread!

Yay for cooking with kids!!! Educational AND fun!


DiploWhat said...

Wow, that is one smart kid you have there!

Pusher said...

I'm so impressed with everything you teach her, and how amazingly well she learns. I agree with Diplowhat — quite the smart kid!

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Well, she and Mr. Kluges made bread over the weekend, and he said they talked about it then, too, so it was fresh in her mind. But still, yeah, she impressed me with her memory!

kittenpie said...

That's fantastic. I love when they ask questions and start putting stuff together that you had figured would be a long way off. Smart kids are so interesting!