Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snowflakes Everywhere

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So, yeah, there was a beautiful snowfall this past weekend when my folks were here. I grabbed the digital camera and a piece of black construction paper and here are a few of the photos I got. I cropped the first one to get the picture I used for my new header.

Aren't they just the most snow-flakey snowflakes you've ever seen?! They were like this everywhere - on the cars, on the ground - it was distracting when trying to clean off the cars because I kept stopping to look at individual snowflakes!

P.S. Only like 6 more hours until Mr. Kluges is home!!!!


ewe are here said...

I love these... just love them.

Mary Beth said...

I thought these were fake snowflakes - they are so clear! I'm used to much smaller snowflakes that melt almost immediately.

Syl said...

I couldn't believe these were real either. Gorgeous!

DiploWhat said...


kittenpie said...

I lvoe snowflakes. Tell me - it must have been about -15C / 2F, is that right? That is apparently when the big plates and dendrites form, the ones that are the most photogenic.