Monday, January 14, 2008

Things I liked about yesterday...

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  • that the snowblower works.
  • that my husband cooked me extra-crispy bacon. Yum!
  • that Mr. Kluges took the girls for the entire afternoon on his own so I could go out and have some "nobody but ME" time.
  • that when I stopped by Once Upon a Child to get a couple of swimsuits for Penguin (for Parent-Child swim class which starts beginning of February), they were having an "all clearance items and/or onesies that fit in this bag for $5" sale!!!
  • that I fit 20 items into said bag, including a cute raincoat and adorable clothes for both girls!
  • that I found this cute clack-y wooden pull-toy there for $2.50!
  • that I then got to go to T J Maxx, where I spent the remainder of my Xmas money from my parents and my birthday money from my in-laws.

Did I mention that I got to do all this shopping ALL ON MY OWN?! 'Cuz that was wonderful. What a great, restorative afternoon.

(Which is good, because in less than a week, Mr. Kluges heads out on a 10-day business trip back over to Ireland... and it'll be just me 'n the girls around here.)


Allknowingjen said...

Ahh... child free shopping and great deals too! That sounds like some great me time :) I almost went to my OUAC today to see if they had this "bag" deal, but I talked myself out of it- we really don't need anymore clothes around here for the time being.

Anonymous said...

Can you come to MN for some of the 10days? We would love to host you. We have beds, toys, and friends!!

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Thanks for the offer, but my parents are going to come out for the weekend, so that'll help break up the monotony, plus be extra help. We considered having me go out to MN for a while, but I REALLY did not like the idea of the 6 hr each way car ride on my own with them.

Thanks for the offer though! It was very kind!!! (And Pumpkin would have had a blast playing with Little Miss Turtle!)

kittenpie said...

Ooh, I do love me a good sale. Our local thrift shop had some kind of sale on, so some kid stuff came out to very little the other day. I was so pleased. Pumpkinpie even got a superfancy dress for dressup, though it turns out that company's version of 3T is a mite smaller than ours...

ewe are here said...

Oooooh. I love those ' how ever much you can get in the bag' sales. :-)