Friday, August 01, 2008

It's History.

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Big bad news in the town recently. The big plant, the one that's a block & a half away, the one that's the major employer in the village... announced on Wednesday that they're closing.

By the end of August.

And they've got no plans to sell the plant to any other company.

That's a LOT of people out of work and affected, plus property values, tax base (especially for the schools), etc.

Mr. Kluges talks more about it over here, and how the history of the House of 42 Doors is tied into the history of the plant, but to let you know just how integral this plant is to the city we live in, here is the town's logo.
You see those two chimneys? Yeah, those are the plant.

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kittenpie said...

Oh, that's tough. A car plant in a small city an hour or so east frm us was just threatening to close, too, putting a ton of people in a tough situation.