Friday, August 29, 2008

Today: Pluses & Minuses

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+ No bats since the other night. Yay!
+ My in-laws will be coming today.
+ With the car my dad ever ever so kindly did all the car-shopping for. Yay, Dad! You rock!!
+ It's green. I like green.
+ The mason, whom I've met a couple of times now as he's come over to try to match mortar, seems very, very "do the job right," at least about color-matching. I'd say he's as concerned about the color being right as Mr. Kluges, which is saying a LOT!
+ He's also a nice guy; he came today at about 1:30-2:00 and checked to see if the girls were napping before he did anything loud. What a sweetie!
+ Pop Fly by Justin Roberts is a very, very catchy CD, as evidenced by the fact that last night I was singing along to it in my dream. (Video here.)
- While prepping supper, I cut the bejeesus out of my thumb. No, not to the bone, not more than an inch long, and the bleeding (eventually) stopped, but PAINFUL! And a hassle! (Also, that'll teach me to cut potatoes without a cutting board.)
- Even with the mason being so kind as to not do loud grinding, it was enough noise after Penguin had slept long enough-ish, that she woke up anyway.
- Which was right when I was in the process of getting Pumpkin up for "quiet time."
- No simultaneous "in their rooms" time means the house is still cluttery... and the in-laws are coming.
- Mr. Kluges did freak me out the other night by thinking he heard that "fletfletflet" noise, but it + turned out to be nothing.
+ Blogging is a lot more fun than tidying, which - needs doing more.

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