Monday, August 18, 2008

Things I've Learned Today Re: School Commute

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1. It takes 22 minutes to walk the 1 mile to Pumpkin's school pulling the wagon with the two girls.

2. What with possible increased traffic-to-work slowing down our street crossings, plus time to put on shoes, coats, etc., I should aim for leaving about half an hour before we need to be there.

3. It's a rather pleasant walk, that can take us past the library, in case Penguin and I want to stop in on our way home after dropping off Pumpkin the am's.*

4. Unless it's really pouring, with the wagon roof, rain coats on the girls, rain coat and rain pants on me, we shouldn't be TOO wet by the time we arrive.

5. It'll be a good way to get some guaranteed exercise - a mile to bring her to school, a mile back home, a mile to go to school to pick her up after her half-day, and a mile back home again. Should help me get off this not-quite-10-lbs.-lost plateau I've hit recently.**

6. Since we'll be getting home just before noon, I should have lunch prepped, plated, & ready to go immediately upon our return. Also, I'm hoping that the busier morning schedule might maybe possibly lead to a resumption of the afternoon nap, as opposed to just "quiet time" for the big girl.

7. Even considering #4 & #5, and especially considering, oh, say winter in Wisconsin, we still need to be moving forward on getting a second vehicle. ***

* Also, rather temptingly near the new local bakery, which, in case you were wondering, is not open on Mondays, saving me from about 500 unneeded but delicious calories today. Pumpkin did notice aforementioned store on her own and say, "Maybe we should get a yiddo snack at that bakery!" Then we got to have a discussion about why the baker needed a day off to spend with family, like Daddy does on the weekend.

**One contributing factor to this plateau is the fact that Penguin has learned how to, and enjoys, turning off the TV. I had been doing exercise videos, like this memorably retro-fashion one, in the mornings when she was up but before Pumpkin awoke... yeah, doesn't work anymore!

*** Fortunately, my dad's been doing some looking for us in MN. Thanks, Grampa Pharaoh!


Pusher said...

Four miles a day pulling a wagon! You're going to be so fit.

DiploWhat said...

You should have bought our Jetta! =)

kittenpie said...

A sled works well in winter, too, and is more work to pull than a wagon, so you could be in seriously good shape, then! SAdly, Pumpkinpie was not liking the sled last year, so walking it was for her instead.

Adn quiet time is never really truly quiet, is it?