Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our First Friends-Over Birthday Party

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We had 7 little girls in all (ok, one was a big sister, but she was like 8) at our house today for Pumpkin's birthday party and I. am. exhausted.

That's not even counting Penguin, because Mr. Kluges saw the descending horde of small dresses & pigtails and high-tailed it outta there with Penguin in wagon. Not that I blame him - he's just not used to that many kids around, and he was tasked with being in charge of Penguin anyway.

So the two non-neighbor moms* who came and I were hopping helping the girls out with the projects. Having taught, I knew to overplan a bit on what to do and if we didn't get to something, fine.

So we did sidewalk chalk and butterfly tattoos, moved inside and made windsocks, outside for the pinata, inside to open presents, then we strung necklaces and/or bracelets with glow-in-the-dark beads, then it was cake and homemade ice cream (made by Mr. Kluges), then there was dancing around outside with bubbles and these ribbon-ring thingies I made.

All that in two hours.

Good thing I overplanned a tish because we did do everything. Granted, there could have been finishing up of sidewalk drawings at the end, if I'd've needed to stretch things more, but it was good.

Except that I forgot to send the windsocks home with most of the girls. Oops.

Here are some of the few pix I managed to take during all the excitement. As you can see, we're having FUN!!!

* 3 of the kids who came are neighbors close enough that we can see their houses from ours - one set of parents was on a date, but the sitter brought that girl over; the other two were going over to the local elementary school to do some painting at the playground. That's why there weren't more parents around.


Mary Beth said...

Penguin has the most beautiful dresses! The party sounds like you all had such fun. I love the pinata from the tree - we used to have one once a summer in the garage of my grandparent's beach house.

Allknowingjen said...

Hee! I love that you described the party guests as a "horde". LOL! But it looks like everyone had fun :)

Pusher said...

You brave, brave woman.

Happy birthday to Pumpkin!