Monday, November 24, 2008

NBPM 24 - Monday Meme - SNOW!

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This is how my house looks today. So, in honor of the first real snow of the season, I made up my own snow meme with a round dozen of questions. 'Cuz memes have to start somewhere.

In general, are you a snow lover, liker, or hater?
Liker - definitely more fond at the beginning of the season than the end!

Three words about snow
Fluffy, delicate, cold

Ever been in a snowball fight?

Built a snowman?

Made snow angels?

Your favorite thing to do in the snow.
Tubing is fun, especially when they've got a tow rope to pull you back up to the top.

Childhood memory involving snow
We had an old one-story building behind our house growing up. The important thing about it was that it would always drift right in front of it, and by half-way through the winter, the drift would reach the roof itself. I remember how we'd sled down the roof/drift, moving closer and closer to the edge where the roof and the drift didn't quite meet up anymore... until we'd go to far over and instead of skimming over the gap, we'd slap hard into the edge of the drift and knock the wind out of ourselves. Good times.

Non-childhood memory about snow
Snow-blowing our large driveway in the TC... and our just as big one here.

Have you ever skiied? Down-hill, cross-country or both?
Yes, both.

Ever been sledding?
Of course!

Favorite piece of winter outwear/gear
I can't do without mittens or gloves. Brrrr.

Describe your favorite kind of snow.
I like the big fluffy flakes that fall down so s-l-o-w-l-y, especially when it stays cold enough that they're easy to shovel.

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ewe are here said...

It's a lovely picture of your house, sitting there all 'wintery'.

I like snow in theory... pretty to look at but kind of a pain to live with.