Thursday, November 06, 2008

NBPM6 - Thursday Thoughts - Why We're Tired & Broke

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The other day when I was feeling a little more tired & broke that usual, I got to thinking about all the things we've done with/on/for the house (with, of course, help from family & friends... and contractors!). I realized it's got to be QUITE a long list, so to make myself feel better about my perceived poverty and house-frustration, here it is...

(Also, this is likely incomplete & will be added to as Mr. Kluges or I remember more stuff.)

Whole House-Electrical
  • replaced knob-and-tube wiring
  • added umpteen outlets
  • added lights to many closets
  • added motion detector lights outside
  • Mr. Kluges rewired fixtures to replace some existing
  • purchased really nice matching lights for office
  • had electric line buried

Whole House-Plumbing
  • Had the sewer line replaced since the cast iron pipe had rotted through to dirt on the bottom.
  • While they were cutting up the basement floor anyway, had them stub in a waste pipe for the eventual future 2nd bathroom
  • Had them add a drain, and a laundry sink
House Exterior
  • Replaced cement-asbestos roof with lovely diamond-shaped asphalt shingles
  • Replaced original gutters with custom-made gutters to match
  • (Roof and Gutter project here at House of 42 Doors)
  • Had sections of house re-tuck-pointed and repaired
  • Had some of the rotten fascia replaced
  • Had dormers reroofed & re-cedar-shingled on the sides
  • Painted 460 cedar shakes for the dormers (Thanks, Pusher & Puck!)
  • Scraped & repainted some of the rest of the fascia
  • Done quite a bit of work on repairing storm windows
  • Painted dormers

  • Mr. Kluges cut out section of sidewalk for electrical line burying
  • He and Grampa Pharaoh filled it it with cement.
  • Mr. Kluges relaid some brick stairs along the side of the house.
  • We tried to take care of the big mess the plumbers had left after fixing the sewer line.
  • Mr. Kluges and Grampa Jem relaid the part of our brick patio under the clothesline the plumbers had to take out for the sewer line.
  • Had about 8 trees removed
  • Mr. Kluges took out DOZENS of buckthorn trees/bushes/scrub
  • Sort of redid the front "rock garden"
  • Built (and filled) a nice firewood shed that holds about a cord of wood.

Living Room
  • Painted (Thanks, Gramma Yori)
  • Replaced light fixtures above fireplace
  • Now have lovely matching draft stoppers for doors and cushion for cedar chest (Thanks, Gramma Pet!)
  • Bought end tables & lights
  • and rug
  • and semi-circular shelf for phone
  • Oh, right - bought set of cordless phones


  • Replaced light fixtures and added a wall scones & some outlets

Dining Room
  • ...actually, I think nothing. We were waiting to paint until the tuck-pointing was done since in the spring a couple of times water came right through the wall into here...
  • Wait - replaced missing pane of glass in French doors

  • Fixed someof the rotting window sills
  • Replaced/added dealies to wind up the blind cords

  • Peeled/scraped
  • Washed the calcimine paint residue off the walls
  • Primed
  • Painted
  • Now have lovely custom-made bench cushion (Thanks, Gramma Pet!)
  • Replaced scratched-up plexiglass in door to LR with real glass

Master Bedroom
  • Painted
  • Added outlets
  • Bought nightstands & lights
  • and headboard

Pumpkin's Bedroom
  • Peeled/scraped
  • Applied flour-water mixture to calcimine paint, scraped that off when dry
  • Washed the walls
  • Primed
  • Painted
  • (Thanks, Gramma Yori!)
  • Took care of ugly conduit and outlet boxes on walls
  • Replastered spots left from ugly outlet boxes
  • Painted trim

Penguin's Bedroom
  • Peeled/scraped
  • Repaired plaster cracks
  • Applied flour-water mixture to calcimine paint, scraped that off when dry
  • Washed the walls
  • Primed
  • Painted
  • Took care of ugly conduit and outlet boxes on walls
  • Painted trim

Guest Bedroom
  • Got lovely furniture! (Thanks, Grampa Pharaoh & Gramma Pet!)
  • Mr. Kluges started peeling the paint but has been warned to leave it the heck alone until we're done with the bathroom painting.

  • Painted

  • In process peeling paint in preparation for whole calcimine-removal process

  • Had washer & dryer installed (Thanks, TNGreatAunt!)
  • Had vent cut through wall for dryer venting
  • Had sewer line replaced with MUCH cutting through the floor and subsequent reconcreting of floor
  • Built shelving for storage of totes
  • Wrapped radiator and hot water pipes with pipe insulation
  • Built support wall for LR floor under radiator where it was sagging
  • Ripped out basement lathe & plaster in preparation for electricians (The dirtiest job EVER - MANY, MANY thanks to Grampa Pharaoh for helping with that!)

  • Painted
  • Added lights, switches & outlets
  • Mr. Kluges put shelves in one under-stairs closet for my pantry
  • Painted back hallway/entryway
  • Purchased phone stand for next to laundry chute

Ok, well, dang, no wonder we're broke & exhausted!

Edited to add: AKJ is right - there was something about the radiators. We had the heat exchanger go out on our boiler & had to get that replaced. We want to get the sunroom radiators fixed sometime, but it didn't make it into this budget cycle. :)

Also, I forgot, we (and by "we" I mean more like Mr. Kluges & Grampa Jem) shaved down, planed, sanded, and otherwise smallified some of the doors throughout the house that were sticking. And fixed the garage door and put in a threshold or something out there to keep the snow and chipmunks out.

(Yes, chipmunks - the gap was fairly big under the door, plus they chewed it or something so they had a hole that gave them free reign of the garage.)

Oh, and Mr. Kluges fixed/replaced/repaired some of the old mortise locks. And we had a locksmith in for the front door lock, too.

Edited again to add that my mom also made curtains for Pumpkin's room. On a related note, do you know how hard it is to find fabric that has both cats AND butterflies on it?!

Edited yet again to add that we also had a good portion of the sidewalk around the house mud-jacked up to slant away from us, and that we had the radiator system drained & refilled.


Allknowingjen said...

You must not notice it when you are in it because I am not at all surprised at the length of this list! Wasn't there something about the radiators too? THe one in the sunroom being repaired?

ewe are here said...

WOW! That is some list of house projects you've undertaken since you moved back! Very impressive.

And non wonder you're tired.

Pusher said...

...I need a nap just from reading that list. You and Mr. Kluges are amazing.

kittenpie said...

Holy crap! You people have boundless energy. colour me impressed.