Friday, November 07, 2008

NBPM7 - Friday Family - Pumpkin

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Pumpkin is just SOOO funny. She's getting so big and so capable, I can hardly believe it. Now that she's started school, it's like she has her own little life that I'm not really a part of. It's exciting to see her grow and mature and change, but it's gone so fast already!

She's one of the reasons I started blogging. I mean, we were WAY over in Ireland, so it was nice to be able to post about what she was doing, show some pictures, etc., especially for the grandparents and other family members. (I mean, how could I NOT share the story of the first night she climbed out of her crib?! or how we made bread together? Or the time the poor dear pretended she was a hammer(which I probably would have forgotten if not for this blog)? or show off her Xmas photos... oh, wait, THIS one.) And even though we're closer now, and see them a lot more often, it's still nice to be able to share her life (and our lives) with them here.

That being said, here are some bit of our life with Pumpkin these days.

Yesterday she said to Mr. Kluges at the supper table, "If you're REALLY lucky and REALLY good, Daddy, Santa might bring you a PINEAPPLE for Christmas!!!" Who knew pineapples were such coveted items?!

The first word she's learned how to spell completely on her own, besides her name, is not "Mom" or "Dad" or even "cat." It is "Boo!" I love Halloween!

We were returning books to the library on election day by putting them into the outside book drop. Pumpkin looked at the sign on it and said, "Why does it say 'Boo' where we're putting our books?" So now she knows how to spell "book" and "books," too.

She seems to enjoy having a part of her life separate from us. But sometimes that means she doesn't want to tell us about her day (tad bit of power play there) because it's a "secret."

Our election discussions covered a wide range of topics, both girls accompanied me to the polls, and she got to vote at school. When Mr. Kluges asked her how she voted, she told him she wasn't going to tell him because it was a "secret pallet."

She's all about telling her little sister what to do... and NOT to do. "No, [Penguin], no!" is heard a lot. But she's sweet with her, too, bringing her toys or a special blanket and sharing snacks in the car. It's fun to see how they're starting to get closer to being able to actually PLAY together.

Her favorite video right now is probably Eyewitness: Butterfly & Moth. We get it from the library fairly often. While it's written quite a bit past her age/grade level, she does pick up things from it, like when she told me, "
I yearned that some caterpillars eat mulberry leaves, and then they make cocoons, and then they turn into a princess's wedding dress!" Missed a few steps in the how-to-make-silk process, but, hey, not bad.

Yup, she's a fun kid, and smart, too. (As well as puzzling, sweet, curious, clever, sensitive, frustrating, friendly, strong-willed, scientific, sociable, curious, semi-literate, sharing, well-spoken, curious (oh wait, did I mention that one already?!), and an all 'round keeper!) I love you, Pumpkin!!!


DiploWhat said...

I'm guessing the part about boiling the caterpillar in it's cocoon, eating said cocoon, etc don't come out in that story. =) Not exactly kid friendly.

But, here's some fun facts you can tell her. The silk cocoons here in China are larger than those in Korea and Cambodia, and, the color of silk their cocoon is made of is white (considered the best quality) and not yellow, like many other silk cocoons (like those in Cambodia). And, when the color of the silk is yellow, they have to bleach it out first - before using "raw" or dying. So, there's a bunch of useless trivia for you but you can seem a "silk genius" to your daughter. =)

DiploWhat said...

oops - that's what happens when you only partially edit your reply from a single example to multiple. Should be "here are" and not here's. Now, just don't ask me to correct spelling.

TK said...

Pineapple from Santa! Excellent1