Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First time this year!

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Record high temps in the Fox Valley today. That means today we walked to school for the first time this year! It was a good thing I wore my big ol' boots, 'cuz there were puddles everywhere. Also, yay for the wagon! The girls wore their snow pants for warmth, since they weren't the ones walking and pulling a wagon, but there were good spirits the whole way and Penguin was happy enough on the way home we dropped some cards off at the post office.

Now I've got to decide if I want to try to pick up Pumpkin AND Ray-ray at 11:20 or if we'll just drive for that one. Good fun being out in the sun again though! And another 2 miles of walking wouldn't hurt either...

Edited to add:
I did decide to walk for the school pick-up as well. Didn't go as smoothly as the morning, since the 3 girls had to take turns walking home. It was INTENDED to be the two 4 year-olds switching off riding, but somebody small had to "walk! walk!", too. Fine, we were in no hurry and I even had snacks along since lunch would be lateish. Then there was the "this is totally counting as my workout" part of the walk where I was pulling the two 4Kers in the wagon and carrying Penguin on my shoulders with a death grip on her legs. Then there was the "we ALL want to walk" part, which was fun until Penguin fell straight on into a muddy puddle and got soaked. Fortunately it was about a block and a half from home, on our way home, and she was willing to wear my dry gloves instead of her completely and utterly soaked ones.


DiploWhat said...

How you remember to pack a snack to keep kids calm is beyond me. Kudos to you!

kittenpie said...

Oh, I am SO appreciating the break and warmup! The Bun andI took two good walks yesterday, too, and hopefuly will get two in tomorrow - we did not today. He fell asleep just before I wanted to leave, and I ccan't quite bear to wake a sleeping baby, when I could insteaed have some me time!