Monday, February 16, 2009

The things they say...

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We just spent a very busy weekend here at the House of 42 Doors doing a home improvement project without the help of either set of grandparents! We finished steaming & scraping the last of the paint off the top half of the bathroom, washed off the remaining calcimine paint, and painted it with masonry primer. This week we hope to do some of the actual painting and MAYBE even have it all painted by this weekend, when my parents are coming. Yay, us!

As we went about our project, Mr. Kluges took on more of the kid duties so I could have the satisfaction of doing a project and getting something done besides the never-ending treadmill of diapers, laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. It was a refreshing change, even though I steamed my hand twice. Ow!

Maybe it was just the paint fumes going to my head, but I think the girls have been particularly funny lately with the things they've been saying. Penguin has been doing three-word sentences/phrases for a few weeks, but this weekend, we got her first 4-word one: "Na-na take doe-doe no-no!" Translated that means Pumpkin took her Dora book, which is a no-no!


This morning she was wearing her new Elmo socks from TNGreatAunt and said, "Toes, Elmo, YAY!" I wish I was excited about getting dressed in the morning as she was.


Pumpkin: "Dad, I'm not afraid of heights. I'm just afraid of really, really high things." *

*To which funny man Jaysan replied, via Twitter, " you mean like Cheech and Chong?"


Me: [Penguin], don't eat your hair clip.
(To Pumpkin) Your sister's kind of odd.

Pumpkin: (sighing) Yeah, I know. And I'm kind of even.


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kittenpie said...

Ha! That last cracked me up.

I tackled some house things this weekend with Misterpie's help, too. We took turns with the baby so we could work on his room - I want to move him in within a few weeks so we can start our closet. What am I thinking?