Saturday, February 07, 2009

That'd be what? 3 points?

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In the car on the way home from the grocery store this evening, Mr. Kluges started a conversation with me...

K: So, what should we do tonight once the kids are in bed?

Me: Well, I've got a couple of movies from the library, or we could play Scrabble or something.

Pumpkin: What's Scrabble?

M: It's a spelling game.

P: Oh, like Princess Presto? I want to play, too!

M: No, honey, it's more like a board game, like Candyland.

P: But I wanna play!

M: Honey, I think you need to wait until you can spell a little bit better before you can play.

P: I can spell!

K: What words do you know how to spell, honey?

P: [spells her first name]

M: That's great; what else can you spell?

K: I know you can spell another word. You were spelling it this morning.

P: M-O-M!

K: That's right...

P: (interrupting) B-O-O!

M: Great!

K: I bet you might be able to spell this one - it's pretty easy. How do you spell "dad?"

P: (thinking) D... O-O!

Poor Mr. Kluges! At least it wasn't "D-O-G-G-Y-D-O-O!"


Jaysan said...

Is scrabble or "something" a code word?

kittenpie said...

Well, she could play junior scrabble, where the words are already printed!