Sunday, July 23, 2006

And again with the bleary eyes.

So, you remember how I was complaining a bit about being tired after our long and little-glitch-filled trip back to Ireland?

Well, I just want to let y'all know that Pumpkin has been up from 2 to 4 (yes, FOUR! as in LAST NIGHT!) hours in the middle of the night each night since we got here. I know, I know, jet lag and harder-for-her-to-adjust-cuz-she-doesn't-understand-and-can't-read-a-clock, but ARGH!!!!

And it's usually encompassing 1 am. I'm thinking that she sleeps the first part of the night (we'be been letting her go to bed an hour or so later than usual to try to help with the shift), and then wakes up all "What a nice nap I had! Now let's play!" 'Course Mommy and Daddy? Not so much with the playing at 12 or 1 or 2 or even 3 am. Really. Trust us on that one.

We've tried leaving her for a while in hopes she'll fall back asleep. We've tried rubbing her back. We've tried singing to her. We've given her bananas and crackers while she sat on my lap and I waited for her to get done eating so she didn't choke and I could GO BACK TO BED in case she was hungry. We've found the water-filled sippy cup she couldn't find in her crib when she plaintively called, "water bottle! water bottle!" We've had her Baby Tad toy play classical music over and over and over while flashing his pretty, relaxing lights. We've turned on her lava lamp/nightlight in hopes the pretty moving wax bubbles will entrance her. We've tried telling her that it's nighttime and that the birds are sleeping, the cows are sleeping, the cats are sleeping, the dogs are sleeping, the people are sleeping, etc., etc., etc.

THESE DO NOT WORK. NOTHING WORKS. Eventually, after a long time, we give up and go back to bed and let her yell again. If this goes on for an exceptionally long time (like another 45 minutes), then we go back in and try again. Eventually, the us-going-back-to-bed is eventually followed (after more yelling), by blessed silence from the other room.

Dear Lord, this is like the days of many nighttime feedings! I think we might just have to cold turkey it with her and give her an ample snack before bedtime and then just let her cry it out and learn that yes, it's night, and people SLEEP in the night. Not yell, not play, not get up to see what's wrong. Just SLEEP.

So, that's what's up with me today. I'm wondering how I ever managed nighttime feedings and work with small children once upon a time 'cuz I'm a wee bit testy today with the three nights running of limited/interrupted/yell-filled sleep. Here's hoping for a better night tonight.
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