Monday, July 31, 2006

The end of the world as we know it...

She's done it. We had always known she eventually would... and dreaded the day a bit. No longer can we tame the overtired and grumpy beast by putting her in her crib because...

Last night, Pumpkin figured out how to climb out of her crib. Twice.

We had been to the pizza-oven-coworkers in the afternoon/early evening for pizza. Pumpkin had a great time, played some with the dogs, ate a little pizza, some chocolate and some ice cream. She got grumpy and we headed for home. She fell asleep in the car, soundly enough that she was NOT happy when we got home and took her out. We fed her supper, put on pjs, read stories, and tried to put her to bed. Much yelling and Mama-ing. I went in, tried to calm her down, sang, had Daddy get her a banana when she said she was hungry, etc. (Dang sugar and excitement!) Eventually, it being rather late (9:30 or 10, I think), we told her good night again and left. Again, there was a long time of Mama-ing, but not too upset. No big deal - we'll ignore it and she'll give up and fall asleep, we thought.

Then, suddenly, we heard "Mama, mama, mama, mama..."

.... accompanied by the pitter patter of little pajama-clad feet.

I jump up from the couch, Mr. Kluges comes from the computer, we meet at the foot of the stairs, look up and see...

Pumpkin, standing up at the top, looking down at us.

"Mama." She says. "Came out."

Yup, you did "came out" of your crib, you little monkey. Dang. Not exactly sure how, but she managed it.

"Ok, we can deal with this," we thought. She probably did it mostly by accident, so we've got a little time here to figure out what we're going to do about it. Once again, we convinced her it was time for bed, and left.
The Mama-ing continued for a while, then it was quiet. We breathed a sigh of relief, figuring that we'd dodged a bullet, but not for long.

Yeah, then, at 11:30, we heard "Bumpety-bump-bump-BUMP!" "Waaaah! Mama, Mama! Came out! Bonk head! Mama!"

Yup, that made twice, apparently less skillfully the second time. SOOOO... then we had to calm the girl, haul a mattress in from the other room (And it is, apparently to a toddler, very WRONG to take apart a bed like that - we were told "Put back! Fix it!" several times during the process.), lay it down on the floor beside the crib, and try to convince her to go to sleep in either the crib or on the mattress.

Eventually, at 12:30, I gave up, made sure there was nothing in her room she could mess with too much, kissed her, told her "good night" YET AGAIN, closed the door and went to bed. It wasn't much longer that she Mama-ed, then, FINALLY, all was quiet at the Kluges/Huis household. Here's hoping we figure out a better solution soon, 'cuz I doubt she's going to go back to being contained now that she's found freedom.

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