Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Apparent punctuation mania, I guess

Ok, so I heard at the party on Saturday that some folks check my blog with some degree of regularity. Which is very flattering! Also, means I must make a point to at least write a little bit of something so they're not disappointed and stop the flattering often-checking.

(Yes, I do enjoy making up new word-phrases by putting dashes between words I want to go together in my sentences here. Thank you for asking. Did you not notice that trend throughout my blog? No, I do not do this in official-type writing (not that I do any of that in my current career as a stay-at-home-mum).)

Tomorrow Grandma Huis, The Greataunt from Tennessee Who Sends Pumpkin All Kinds of Great Stuff and Cute Clothes, (which you'll notice I did not fill with dashes... or hyphens... or whatever they're really called) (and yes, I am a licensed teacher, thank you very much, even though I can't remember what they're called) (who shall henceforth be called GAFTWSPAKOGSACC... or maybe not... how about... ummm... TNGreataunt... at least until/unless I come up with something better.) (which I should do because I told her I'd send her the link to my blog & she'll probably check it out.), Pumpkin, and I are going to the Mall of America! Woo-hoo!

(Yes, apparently, I'm also parentheses-happy today. Leave me alone.)

Yup, a day of shopping and visiting the Camp Formerly Known As Snoopy. I'm VERY MUCH looking forward to it, even though I know that Pumpkin will get tired of shopping long before we're ready to leave and we'll get tired of watching the rides move up and down, or around and around, or whatever long before she does, but it'll still be good.

(There. That's long enough that I can consider it an actual entry... even if a little content-light.)

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