Friday, July 14, 2006

"Donald" Why? *Shrug*

So, toddlers are just learning to talk and will therefore have many "approximations," or sounds that are pretty close to the word they're trying to say. Grandpa will be "Gampa" or "Gappa" and such like that. I get that. The hard part comes when you're trying to figure out some of these approximations. I get that, too. But the hardest part sometimes is figuring out why a particular item has a particular name.

You see these guys:
(Ah, fart. I can't upload them without downloading stuff to my folks' computer... which I really don't want to do.)

Ok, follow this link:

(And since a long link sometimes messes up the display, here it is in chunks.)

You see the 5th guy down? The African-American construction worker? (We've got two, so imagine they're twins.) And the last guy? The Caucasian construction worker with silver construction helmet?

Well, their name is Donald.

Yup. Donald.

Collectively they're Donalds, but each one is also Donald.

And she knows there are three of them in all, so it's often, "Donald! 'Nother one. 'Nother one!"

Why are they Donald?

*shrug* Heck if I know.

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