Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pre-flight packing crap

Ok, first of all, sorry for the lack of postings. We went and visited G&G Kluges and stayed overnight on Sunday, then visited Pumpkin's godparents in their new house on Monday & then went shopping and had MORE relatives over tonight. In the past week and a half, my parents have graciously cooked for and hosted large groups four times.

Tomorrow afternoon we leave for Ireland. I'm very excited to see Mr. Kluges again. Yay! It will also be very nice to be back home in our own space again. I do love my parents, but we've been here long enough. (Granted, I'll miss having Grandma change diapers and do laundry and Grandpa grill supper and keep the vehicles gassed up, but I'll adjust.) I'm not looking forward to the long transatlantic flight. Also, I'm pretty sure my carry-on bag shrunk 'cuz I know I got more stuff in it last time.

Do you have any idea how much stuff you need to pack in a carry-on for a 9 hour transatlantic flight with a toddler? And don't forget the hour and a half flight you have first, plus the two hours at the airport before the first flight and the 2-3 hour layover between them. And add in the fact that there's no reasoning with a toddler... and no waiting if she's hungry or thirsty. Here's what I can tell you I've got packed in my li'l ol' backpack off the top of my head...

A change of clothes of me
a change of clothes for Pumpkin - with comfy waistbands for sleeping
Pumpkin's pjs and an extra onesie
Extra pair of shoes and socks for Pumpkin
Our usual diaper change dealie with 3 diapers & wipes case
6 spare diapers
more wipes ('cuz you really don't want to run out with a poopy)
her harness/leash thingie for running through the airport
a baggie with a bib, plastic silverware, and candy for bribes
spray antibacterial crap
a bag that collapses into a small zippered pouch
a large bag/case that has 5 or so kid books and NUMEROUS small toys
6 pre-wrapped presents to be taken out when Pumpkin reaches the end of her rope & NEEDS distraction
a sippy cup of apple juice/water
2 other apple juice boxes
a snack cup with raisins/cheerios
fruit leather snacks
dried cranberries & macadamia nuts
trail mix
cereal bars
a book for me
water for me
my glasses & contacts & solution & case
toothbrush & toothpaste
the digital camera
the digital camera's battery changer & cord

and that's not counting the crap in my purse, which also packed full of travel-related stuff including both the US cell phone & the Irish one. Argh. I know it'll fit in the overhead luggage bin, but I'm not looking forward to lugging that heavy beast through the airports and I know she'll still want stuff I don't have along. Oh well, that's life & we'll deal.

Wish us luck and sleepiness for our overnight flight back, okay? Also, I'm not all packed yet, so wish my bags become dimensionally-transindental while you're at it, all right?

: ) More in a few day from Eire!

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