Saturday, December 01, 2007

Can't break the habit

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Ok, it just feels too weird to not be posting today. I guess 30 days in a row did make it a bit of a habit, huh? Maybe I should apply that revelation to something else - like, say, exercising? Not eating junk food? More veggies and fruit? (Oh, wait, that's what I was trying to do with my monthly goals... Right.)

It's snowing tons outside. The forecast was for 6-7 inches. Yeah, half a foot.

And we don't know if our snowblower works...

Good thing it's a weekend - we might be spending 8 hours shoveling tomorrow.

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Mary Beth said...

I've heard a rumor they're doing another NaBloPoMo starting January 1 - you blog for a year - every day for 365 days. So what do you think?? Helen's laughing hysterically because I barely got through 30 days, let alone 365.