Sunday, December 16, 2007

Have I mentioned the "busy?"

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Stealing a few moments to blog. I can tell we're busy, because I'm starting to think in bullet points.

This weekend we:
  • Put up the tree. It took me TWELVE hours to put it up on Thursday between diapers, feedings, fixing the branches, potty breaks, "I NEED you, Mommy!" and all, but I got the darn thing up. Friday I put the lights on, and in the evening Mr. Kluges, Pumpkin and I put on the ornaments while Penguin napped. It looks really nice, IMHO.
  • ordered our washer and dryer finally! (Thanks for the gift cards, TNGreatAunt!) They're supposed to come on the 27th. Hopefully the sewer guys will have been back and finished fixing the floor in the basement by then
  • purchased a new living room rug. The old one was rather nasty and now that Steve the Electrician is nearly done, and won't be tracking through so much, it's nice to get the new one in.
  • rolled up the old (11x12' or so) rug and carried it up to the attic, managing to make the tight corner upstairs by going out the door onto the back porch and then back in through the window.
  • carried down the TV armoire that we thought we were going to use in our room, but it's just a few inches too big to fit the space allotted. Mr. Kluges has been trying to set up the TV and accessories in it today.
  • rearranged our bedroom now that Steve is done so that the big dresser is where it goes.
  • carried one heirloom cedar chest upstairs and the other one downstairs because they'll work better that way.
  • put Penguin's rug with carpet pad in her room.
  • picked up an Arts and Crafts paint sample sheet from Sherwin-Williams.
  • purchased a Christmas present I need to mail ASAP.
  • printed some pictures that need to be put into ornaments and mailed ASAP.
  • went grocery shopping.
  • picked up some dealies to go on the picture rails so we can eventually get some pictures up.
  • found Penguin's shoe that had been missing for a week. (It was in the window seat sort of thing in the vestibule.)
  • Mr. Kluges fixed it so that we can have phone and internet at the same time. Good thing because his cell phone accidentally went "swimming" this weekend and my power cord has gone missing and now my phone's dead.

Wow, huh?! I'm impressed with us, anyway.

I could do a bulleted list of all the things I have remaining to do before Xmas, including finish buying presents, mailing presents, write and mail Xmas cards, etc., etc., etc, but my time would be better spent actually DOING those things.

Besides, I might get finger cramps from the length of the list. :)


kittenpie said...

Progress! It's ALL PROGRESS!
Telly ourself that as you collapse into bed at night, you'll feel better.

ewe are here said...

Wow. I feel your list, and the 'remaining' holiday list... this moving plus holidays is tough stuff!

Pusher said...

...I think I need a nap just from reading this.