Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Some things I thought about blogging today

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You know how it's winter in WI? And people wear hats, even in their cars? And sometimes you're driving behind somebody and looking at the back of their head (esp. at a red light)? And you can't tell if it's their fuzzy-sort-of hat or a bad hair-do? Yeah, that's distracting, isn't it?!

Penguin had a big ol' poo while sitting in her high chair this evening. (And now you know it's about excrement & you can skip to the next paragraph if you want.) Sitting down poos require extra clean up due to the squish factor. (See, you could have stopped reading. I'm not holding a gun to your head.) So I went to change her and before I could blink she had gotten her hand in it! And then while I was trying to keep that arm from waving about while I cleaned it off, she kicked both feet in it! THEN while I was trying to stop her feet (possibly while shrieking, "No! Don't.. no!! Oh no!"), she grabbed my arm with her poopy hand! .... *sigh* Yeah, having kids rocks.

One of the other moms at Pumpkin's Teacher & Me class gave us her number so we could do a playdate sometime! Score!! She seems cool and the two girls went right up to each other before class today and were holding hands and playing Ring Around the Rosie. We'll never replace her first, bestest friend in Ireland (We miss you, Ava! And talk about you all the time!), but it'll be nice to start making some pals here.

And finally, Mr. Kluges's wire came yesterday and he got the 5 kitchen lights rewired already, so Steve the Electrician put them up today & they look AWESOME. Except that the nice one in the ceiling now totally highlights that the ceiling is in bad shape and is painted 2 noticeably different shades of white. But the lights? V. v. nice!


Happy Veggie said...

I think the flatulance and odd stuff that happens while you're pregnant is meant to prepare you for when your life revolves around poop. First its how often they do it, then its how bad it smells, then they play with it, then the potty... And nearly every older person I have known has obsessed about how often they poop. Its just life.

Jaysan said...

at least that hand didn't end up in your mouth while you were saying "NO"! There is always a brighter side of life.

kittenpie said...

It's nice having parent friends. We have a couple from daycare, and they all came over after the concert last night for dinner while the kids played. While I still love non-kid friends, it's a good thing.

ewe are here said...

Ugh. The squish factor. I hate that!

And they think it's all so funny, too. Sigh.