Sunday, December 09, 2007

35 is the magic number!

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It was my birthday yesterday! As you might suppose, it was a tad bit busy - my parents were here for the weekend (and we got so much done! Thank you!!) and Pumpkin seems to be getting a tad "under the weather," and we were trying to do a fair amount of shopping for the house and all. So my post is getting delayed until today.

Last year for my 34th birthday, I wrote about 34 things I'd done in my life. This year I think I'll try for 35 I'd like to do, in no particular order. (Ok, other than the first one, which I wish was done already.)

  1. finish unpacking!!!!!
  2. visit the Great Wall of China with Mr. Kluges because I've always wanted to see it
  3. visit the pyramids with Mr. Kluges since he's always wanted to see them
  4. go back to Paris with my children when they're old enough to remember and appreciate it
  5. go back to Venice on a second honeymoon, but also on that trip see new parts of Europe we haven't visited yet
  6. watch my girls grow up to be the strong, confident, loving, competent, assertive, empathetic, cooperative, responsible women I know they can be
  7. watch them graduate high school
  8. watch them graduate college
  9. develop family traditions (like maybe making gingerbread houses every year...)
  10. learn how to can pickles from Gramma Yori
  11. get to make my mom's chocolate chip cookies well enough that Mr. Kluges finds them to be as good as hers
  12. get this House of 42 Doors into a state where I'm proud to bring people into it - and not have to say, "It'll be beautiful someday." (Not that I don't like it now, but I keep seeing all of the to-do projects, you know?)
  13. pay off the house
  14. go hang gliding
  15. go snowmobiling
  16. write a novel for NaNoWriMo
  17. learn what shape/style/cut of clothes look good on me
  18. get rid of the stuff that doesn't
  19. get down to my appropriate BMI (Good news is I'm only about 10-15 lbs. away from being in the "normal weight" category.)
  20. maintain that BMI
  21. visit Yellowstone National Park and see Old Faithful
  22. make fun Halloween costumes for our family every year
  23. have one or two cats for pets again
  24. watch my girls each find the love of her life
  25. enjoy grandkids - someday in the distant, distant future
  26. learn another language at least to tourist level in preparation to visit a country that uses it
  27. exercise regularly - I always feel better when I am getting regular exercise, but it's too easy to let it slip out of my schedule when I get busy
  28. run a 5K race
  29. if that goes well, run a 10K or longer (Note: I have no desire to run an actual marathon, but have great respect for those of you who have!)
  30. get my master's degree
  31. finish my mosaic that I started in 2002, tried to finish this year, and still haven't quite completed
  32. attend more Girls' Adventure Weekends
  33. go back to Ireland when my kids are older to show Pumpkin where she lived for two years, to let Penguin see where she, ahem, got started, and to visit our friends and favorite places from when we lived there
  34. learn enough of the constellations and their stories to go star gazing with my children
  35. Hike some or all of the Superior Hiking Trail

And oh yeah, I wouldn't mind #36. winning the lottery, either! It would make so many of those previous 35 a lot easier to accomplish! *grin*


Pusher said...

Happy belated birthday!

That's a great list. I hope you have the opportunity to check it all off someday! (And yeah, that lottery really would make the house/travel portions a lot easier.)

Mary Beth said...

Happy Birthday!

H.A. Rey (the author of Curious George) has an amazing book called Find the Constellations that makes them easy to find. We use it every summer when we hit the beach.

Kashka said...

Happy Birthday! When you're ready to tackle the Superior Trail, let me know, because that's been a dream of mine too.

DiploWhat said...

Hm - apparently blogger didn't like my comment?

Anyway - zhu ni sheng re kaui le! And, I happen to know someone who will be in China for a while for you to crash with if you want to visit the Wall.

Mr. Kluges said...

Ummm, I think we need to PLAY the lottery to WIN the lottery

ShoNuff said...

Happy B-day.

Jaysan said...

I so meant to call too! Happy Belated B-day! I guess I will just have to send you some underpants in the mail...wait, WHAT AM I SAYING!

kittenpie said...

Happy birthday!
I totally hear you on the house thing. Our house could be awesome, but it'll be a while... I'm always being house-deprecating.