Thursday, September 13, 2007

No, the spiders didn't get me

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No, the spiders neither ate me nor held me for ransom. It's been a busy few days, so sorry about the lack of posting. I'll make up for it now with a nice, long post to help you avoid doing some work on a Friday. :)

Gramma Yori headed home today after cleaning the vast majority of our house. She cleaned all 4 bedrooms including closets, the bathroom, the linen and cedar closets, the sewing room and the hallway upstairs. That would be the entire upstairs, for those of you keeping score at home. She also cleaned the dining room, kitchen, living room, office, entryway, and back hallway downstairs. (That's everything except the sun room.) I don't remember how many bottles of Mr. Clean she told me she emptied, but I think it was around 6... plus some Spic-n-Span, Pinesol, and others. Amazing. It's so much more pleasant to walk through the house now! It smells so nice, and you don't have to look at dead bugs along the walls, or cobwebs on the ceiling, and I know it's all clean now. It's so nice! Thank you again, Gramma Yori!

She also was remarking on the large number of doors our house has (and that she cleaned)... so she counted them up. Hmmm... I could just tell you, but let's make it a guessing game. How many doors do YOU think she cleaned on the two main floors? We'll use her counting, which counted sets of French doors as one. Leave your answer in the comments, ok?

Mr. Kluges (with some help) cleaned out all the "treasures" that were in the attic. They are plentiful, varied, and unusual enough to warrant their own post with pictures someday... once I remember to take pictures of some of the best ones. He also did some shop-vac-ing of the attic stairs and attic itself. That means all we have left to clean are the sunroom with its many, many-paned windows and possibly hornet-filled woodstove and the basement.

The basement is where the really big spiders are.

With all their relatives.

Including shirt-tail relations and hangers on.



I don't especially like spiders.


In more exciting, less cobwebby news, September brings the start of community education classes, too. Between us all, we're enrolled in three. I've managed to find a belly dance class here, which started last Wednesday. Looks like it'll be a good one, even though none of the other students has ever done belly dance before. Based on two classes, the instructor does a good job of explaining the moves we're trying to do like my first instructor in GV, while keeping it all very aerobic and great exercise like my instructor in Cork.

I've signed up Pumpkin for a class called "Teacher & Me" for 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 year olds. It's meant to be sort of their first independent class. It's only a half hour, with stories and coloring and activities and songs and such. She did fine and seemed to enjoy it. It happens to be in the same dance studio that my belly dance class is, so I found that rather amusing. I stood around and peeked in through the big windows with a bunch of other parents. Didn't think to bring my camera though to immortalize her first without-me-along class, unlike some.

I DID remember to bring it along this evening though for the Parent-Child swimming class. She was a little reluctant to get in, but that's because the water was rather chilly. She loved getting to play with a bunch of water toys, and was grinning ear to ear during some of the songs and games at the end of the half hour.

Here, you can see for yourself...

(What? You maybe thought I was doing the class with her?
Nope - I get to spend all day with my girls.
I signed up Daddy to get to do the fun
class with her. It's good for both of 'em.)

And just because she's so dang cute, here's a picture of my other girl.

I swear, she's growing so quickly, I can hardly believe it.

(Ha ha! I am zee cute French bah-bee with zee pink beret! Adorable, no? Oui, oui!)

Ok, that's (more than) long enough. Have a great weekend!

P.S. Don't forget to guess how many doors we have on the two main floors that Gramma Yori cleaned!


Allknowingjen said...

I say you have 26 doors. Which is a lot!
Very cute pics- and Yay for community ed. classes- our ECFE class starts next week -can't wait! :)

The Sexy Blonde said...

I think AKJ is in the right ballpark. I'm not sure if I should go one above or below her. But I'm thinking it doesn't really matter since I'm only the 2nd person to comment, instead of the last one ;-) Got to love that Price is Right education!

My guess is 25.

DiploWhat said...

I'm going to lowball it at 15 doors.

DiploWhat said...

Oh - I should say that doesn't include the front or back door.

Happy Veggie said...

37! No wait, 42! No wait, my real guess is 30.

Syl said...

I'm going with 27. I tried to count from the pics on flickr, but I was way out of my league.

Pusher said...

Heh. One might think I would have an advantage, seeing as how I took the tour and everything, but no. I agree that AKJ is right in there. You have a ridiculous number of doors, and Gramma Yori should be sainted for cleaning them all.

I hope all of you enjoy your classes!

ShoNuff said...

I'm going with 21, that way they can drink?

NoNick said...

As the answer hasn't yet been unveiled, I'm going to guess the first number that came to my head when I read the question: 24.

I'm glad to know the spiders didn't get you.