Saturday, February 09, 2008

Cheap CL exercise DVDs = retro spandex fashion fun!

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Some things you should know going into this entry:

Those three things added up to me getting a batch of exercise DVDs a few months back via CL. Now that I'm trying to get back on track with exercising regularly, I popped a new one in this week.

Yeah, the cover didn't look dated, but Oh. My. God. Check these out...

(Forgive the poor quality - these are photos taken from the TV.
Because, as soon as I saw them, I knew I'd have to share.)

I know!!!!! Check THOSE OUT! Aaaah!!!

So, because they just crack me up, let me point out but a few highlights....

(You can click on the images to make them bigger, you know, if you want to...)

In this one, that guy (Scott) is totally rockin' the coordination thing! Check out the red under-muscle-shirt, which matches the under-sock of the wearing-two-socks-together look.

And if that's not enough, that single wrist-sweatband? Yeah, it's black and white with a red stripe in the middle.

This next one is the only session/chapter where the two women aren't dressed identically. Now, the three of them take turns leading different part of the exercise session, but I've been choosing screen shots with Scott in front 'cuz, man, that guy has the most... FASHIONABLE outfits!

Once again with the doubled socks to coordinate with the outfit, sweatband bracelet only on one arm (his right arm gets sweaty, the left doesn't?!), and the very, very hot-in-its-day hairdo. (Mr. Kluges said he looked like a bad sci-fi video in this one.)

And this one? Yeah, I just call this the "package" outfit.

(Love the half-shirt, too.)

*shakes head* Yeah, "fashion." Looks good when it's in, but, oh, man, does it not when it's not!


Pusher said...

Hee! All that uncontrollable laughter must be great for your abs!

Syl said...

that is so painfully 80s.

Mary Beth said...

My abs are tightening already because I'm laughing so hard! God knows I love the 80's but there are some things that should just stay there!

DiploWhat said...

Rock! On!
I agree with the sci-fi video too. That was exactly what I thought - hey David Hasslehof (sp?) wanna be, look through the view screen behind you - are those aliens out there?
And, I have a totally rockn' Deniese Austin video that's for muscle toning and the background and the carpet are that wonderful turquoise color. Goes great with her big hair.

kittenpie said...

OMG that is hilarious. And not only that, but the set looks like the on Star Trek Next Generation somewhere, and some random uniformed security guys are going to walk past having a conversation any minute.

Jen said...

*snarf* Wow. That must be so. um. motivating! :D
I love it- especially the black/white and red one. Soooo cheesy 80s.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! That is a good one. I hope that never comes back!!!! But you never know what the girls might be wearing in junior high.

Mugsy said...

I'm actually pretty well convinced that these looks were NEVER in "fashion."