Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I rock.

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Can I just say I love Cool Mom Picks?

Also, maybe we should buy a lottery ticket today....

Also, also, paint-it-yourself pottery kits? Expensive!!

(Yeah, I stuck them in my bloglines reader so I'd check them out regularly, and enter their contests often. You should, too!)

(Oh wait, don't. You're competition.)


Happy Veggie said...

They are the coolest, you know, pun intended. I've gotten to know and correspond with some of them a very little, and they definitely got the name right. (not that it has helped me win anything though)

Nectarine said...

That is a spendy kit!! Congrats to you - I must put that on my to do list.

Syl said...

A. You are so cool.
B. I have given in (or gotten off my arse) and signed up. Thank you!

kittenpie said...

Wait, you won something? Sheesh, I can't tell you how many I've entered. Stop entering now - it's my turn!