Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September 23rd, The Past Eight Years

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2000 - We were married.

2001 - We ate out at W.A. Frost, compliments of my mother's brother.

2002 - We were in Ireland, the first time.

2003 - We were living in our first home.

2004 - Pumpkin had arrived one month and one day earlier.

2005 - Look at that! Back in Ireland.

2006 - Still in Ireland, but we had a babysitter, so we enjoyed an evening out. Penguin was just barely on the way, but word wasn't out yet.

2007 - Back in the US, AND Penguin had joined the family, AND we'd purchased the House of 42 Doors less than a month earlier.

2008 - Now. Our eldest has started school, our youngest is walking and (almost, nearly, sort of) talking, and we've made a lot of changes in the House of 42 Doors, including the current (like, as we speak on-going) gutters/roof project!

For each of those years, honey, I'd marry you all over again.
I love you. And I look forward to many more years together.

P.S. However, I don't think I want to wake up to "Flet Flet Flet, The Sequel," like we did this morning any other anniversary, ok? I know it's 'cuz of the big, sunlight-through-'em gaps in the roof right now, but it's definitely not my preferred wake-up call!


Allknowingjen said...

Sweet Ginger Pickles! 8 Years already?!?
Happy Anniversary!!!

Also I am pretty sure that waking up to a bat on your anniversary is a good omen. It means many more years of bliss or something :)

Happy Veggie said...

Happy Anniversary!

(ugh, more bats, that bites... hehehee)

Pusher said...

Happy anniversary (a day late)! You two are so wonderful together.

Mugsy said...

Happy Day!

Happy Days!!!