Thursday, September 11, 2008

Open Letters, Again

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Dear 2000 Chevy Blazer,

Your heater core is bad. Broken, leaking, kaput. Not to anthropomorphize much, but I'm thinking either:
a) You're acting up since we just got the new (to us) car two weeks ago, and like a (slightly spoiled) new big sibling, you want all the attention and love, or
b) You've been struggling to help us get by as long as you could, being our sole non-human-powered transportation, but now that we've got another car, you could relax and let that part break that you'd been holding together so long by sheer force of will.

So to you I say either a) Buck up and get over it. We still love you just fine. Or b) Thank you so much for holding off on this repair as long as you did. It will be much easier to have you in the shop overnight now that we have a different vehicle Mr. Kluges can drive to work.

Your Drivers

Dear Checkbook,

So, talk to the Blazer lately?

From, The Ones Who Sign at the Bottom

Dear Hair,

WTH? Do you hate me? I know I haven't gotten you cut/trimmed/whatever in seriously forever, but I thought we were ok with this "hmmm, I guess I'm growing it out" thing. But come on... when I last wanted you bangs-thingies to look like that it was a far different decade. Why must you suddenly decide to always curl up and crazy and make me look like I'm trying for 80's big bangs? Granted, there are people around in the Fox Valley area who are still sporting that look, and not even ironically or anything, but please, just stop it.

I Promise I'll Buy Better Conditioner Than Suave Tomorrow

Dear CSA,

Ground cherries? Really? You have the most surprising things in your boxes sometimes. Not that I'm complaining because I would never have bought kohlrabi or garlic scapes ever, and we've really enjoyed the two weeks of edamame, but opening the CSA box is always an adventure.

And I mean that in a good way.

Us Fruit & Veggie Eaters

Dear Triscuits,

I love you.

I was craving something crispy and salty tonight, but there were no pretzels, chips, chex mix, etc. in the cupboard. So, in a last ditch effort, I took a look at the pantry shelves.

And there you were.

I missed you when we were in Ireland
. I'm so glad to have you back!



Allknowingjen said...

Hee! The hair one makes me laugh (WITH you not at you!)

Nectarine said...

Yum - a friend and I were just talking about ground cherries. We used to eat them all the time growing up in the same state as you. We miss them!!

Amelia Sprout said...

Yeah, totally understand the hair thing. It will relax once it gets used to there being less there, and conditioner helps... oh yeah, and I lurve my new blow dryer. Dang, I need a hair cut.

I haven't had ground cherries since I was a kid, I hadn't thought of them in years. That is so cool!

DiploWhat said...

Ground cherries???

I have my MIL send me a regular supply of Triscuit goodness.

DiploWhat said...

Oh - gooseberries. Those I know. My Dad loved them in pies - but unsweetened.

kittenpie said...

But oh, have you tried the pepper and olive oil triscuits? I'm not always into the flavoured versions of things, but those... a whole nother level of yummy. Get some.

Pusher said...

Maybe your bangs have seen the clothing racks lately. When AKJ rescued me by taking me interview-clothes shopping, we were subjected to argyle sweaters, ruffle-front tops, vests, and ruched shoulders. And the other day at Target? I saw leg warmers. *shudder*