Sunday, September 28, 2008


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Pumpkin will not have one of those perfect attendance school careers. She missed Friday thanks to a lovely case of pink eye. Did I mention she's already brought home one cold that hit all of us? Also I think we're starting Colds Vs. Us, Round II as well?

Penguin only likes the cylindrical wooden blocks. I think it's because they fit nicely in her hand, plus they're the only ones she can easily drop in through the shape sorter top of the block bin. In fact, that's what she's doing as I type.

Mr. Kluges has been busy-busy outside lately, trying to take care of things for the roof/gutter project, finish fixing and painting the storm windows, and in general taking care of preparing-for-the-winter business. This weekend he's priming and painting the decorative exterior gutter element. MUCH more on the roof/gutter project (with pictures) available here at the House of 42 Doors.

Me? I've been just trying to keep up with the tidying, clothes washing, dishes washing, cooking, CSA vegetables, cherry tomatoes, diaper changing, kid care, etc. etc. etc. This most recent cold is really wiping me out, too. Last night I sat in bed, reading The Thirteenth Tale based on AllKnowingJen's recommendation and drinking hot water with honey, lemon, and brandy from a thermos. It was a good, cozy night.

(But Tuesday was even better because it was our anniversary, I didn't have the dang cold yet, we got a babysitter (!), and went out to eat at a fancy restaurant. It was awesome!)


Happy Veggie said...

I think you got your girls mixed up in the first part, but sorry to hear about all of the bugs. I'm hoping the price we paid as a full time care family will come in handy at school age.

Sorry about the colds, I feel your pain.

Ms. Huis Herself said...

...oh for goodness sakes.

You're absolutely right, HV. I'm going to go in and fix that right now. Thank you for mentioning it!

*sigh* Did I mention that my cold is driving my crazy and totally blocking up my head? Thoughts included?

Syl said...

I'm with veg, we're hoping the truly astronomical number of colds we have had in the last 3 years gets us some kind of "stay in school free" card. In the mean time, however, we are also all sick and I think Meimei's swinging back around with a 2nd virus.

Happy Veggie said...

Yeah, tell me about the fuzzy headedness. I slept THREE hours Thursday when I stayed home from work. Like three hours extra.
This weekend, M started leaking green snot, it can come to no good. At least the tubes saved us from ear infections. *knocks on wood*

DiploWhat said...

We are becoming well versed in green snot around here as well. Wow. What a fun topic. =) AT least there aren't any little ones around to deal with on top of it all. Of course, there aren't any little ones bringing the crud home