Friday, September 05, 2008

I think we like this 4K business.

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Pumpkin's first week of school went swell. No tears any day... Well, except for a suspicious blurring of my eyes when she walked in to her classroom on Day 1. I'd've been fine, too, but I saw a few other parents getting tear-y, and I find that very catching.

She loves it. I've heard about stories they've read (Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, The Kissing Hand), centers she's played in (kitchen & legos), and songs they've sung (the "Hello, Neighbor" song and something that apparently includes the line, "Do you like peanut butter in your underwear?" Which is immediately followed by hilarious laughing on her part. Ah yes, the funniness of underwear.)

And we're all setting in to the new routine pretty well. Mr. Kluges was off her first day, so the four of us drove to school that day (we had errands to run afterward), and got to drop her off all together. Even though mornings have been earlier than we'd been used to, I've been trying to gradually shift her wake-up time for several weeks, and that has definitely helped. Now, if we could just get Penguin to sleep in a bit longer so I could get ready sans-child...

This morning went like butter. I got up, no noise from Penguin in her room, had a chance to shower & get ready & even have breakfast on my own. Mr. Kluges got ready and left for work; I went up to get the girls up and Pumpkin was just waking anyway. That noise woke up Penguin, which was fine. So between dressing and changing and toothbrushing and hairbrushing and breakfast and shoes and coats and all, we got all ready at just the right time (without rushing or worrying or anything) to walk the mile to school. Where Pumpkin had to be reminded to give me a hug and a kiss before she went off to line up to go in, she was so ready to be off to her adventures at 4K.

Then it was the walk home for Penguin and I (with a brief stop at a rummage sale we passed on the way), followed by a nap for her, a little baking & exercising for me. I went to wake her up to go get Pumpkin, but she was already up and happy, so both of us were in good moods to enjoy the nice fall-ish weather on our walk to school again.

Where we got our big girl back, and she proceeded to regale us with stories of her day at 4K, which included playing in the lego center with some friends, building "a tower that was SO tall! It was the biggest tower in the WORLD!"

I'd say this 4K thing is going swell, all the way 'round.

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