Saturday, September 06, 2008


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I just have to gloat that I've SUCH a sense of accomplishment today!

I sorted out Pumpkin's long-sleeved shirts, took away the too small/short/sleeves too short ones and put them into a box of "between" fall/winter clothes (that is, between the sizes of the two girls), and got those long-sleeved shirts put away into a drawer. (Tidily! Sorted by color groups!)

I reorganized her pants/jeans drawers. Apparently her legs either haven't grown too much, or it's harder to tell than with the shirts, so all of those went back in the drawer. Oh yeah, also rescued her tights from the tangled wad they'd become.

While I was at it, I chose her outfits for the upcoming school week and put them in the 6-pocket hanging sweater storage dealie I got a few weeks ago that has been working really well to avoid "but I don't WANNA wear THAT" in the mornings. Genius, if I do say so myself. ;)

I made marinara sauce from scratch with 5 lbs. of fresh tomatoes. That means peeling and seeding 5 lbs. of fresh tomatoes, which is not quick. (Oh, except now I think I forgot to add the basil at the end. Well, that's fixable.)

I pulled the three totes of girls' and my fall/winter clothes up from the basement and went through the two girls' boxes, pulling out the currently usable for either and sorting the rest into "might fit yet this season," which is now under the crib, and "between," which is now (already!) in the basement.

I culled a bunch of the summer stuff from both girls' closets (that might fit one of them next year) and put them in a tote, which is under the crib so I can continue to add to it... unless it gets too full. Stuff that looks definitely too small is tossed in a different box to be Craig's Listed, brought to Once Upon a Child, or donated away.

I sorted and rearranged Penguin's drawers, taking out definite summer stuff and consolidating short-sleeved onesies and shirts, therefore creating (and filling) a drawer for long-sleeved shirts/onesies, put away her summer dresses & moved the remaining seasonal-ok dresses & jumpers to a smaller spot, hung up her sweaters/polar fleeces/etc. or folded them and set them right below, and sorted/organized her skirts, pants, and capris.

I also finished the sorting/shoe-boxing/labelling of the between-sized shoes that are in her closet, tidied and reorganized some of the other "tossed stuff in" spots, and sorted/refolded her blankets.

Hooray for such a productive day! It feels GREAT to have gotten so much accomplished today!

P.S. Oh yeah! While I was watching the marinara sauce, I even did a teeny tiny bit of kitchen rearrangement and moved the spices out the drawer that Penguin can now open (grrr), and up into the cupboard onto a lazy susan, alphabetized even! (Thanks, Mom, for that very useful turntable!)


Allknowingjen said...

Wow that is productive! I am going to have to do this soon too. But I love sorting clothes - (well, the toddler's, not mine!) I don't mind going through her things and packing the small things and getting out some new things.

DiploWhat said...

Can you please come here and do that with our stuff? I STILL haven't gotten it all put away, and apparently it is completely up to me to do so. Grr.

Happy Veggie said...

I've been doing the same thing, as well as doing some shopping for new fall/winter stuff. It got cold awfully quick, and I ended up unprepared on a few fronts.
Also, why must they make everything in larger baby sizes so freaking narrow in the thighs? The girls got some big ones (don't know where she got not me), and the bootcut just isn't cutting it.

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Happy Veggie - my Penguin's got THIGHS, too. Maybe stretchier is the way to go? Avoid jeans, denim, anything stiffer like that in favor of knits, sweat pants, leggings? And I was only prepared thanks to hand-me-downs from Pumpkin, plus a bit of rummage sale-ing.

Happy Veggie said...

I knew you'd understand

Maybe it is my own love of denim, or my fear of her destroying a lesser fabric, but I still search. I have done quite a bit of stretchy though. I just want something she can destroy if needed. (and I found one style of relaxed, and bought more than one pair)