Friday, December 19, 2008

Brain Dump

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Blargh. Stupid snow. Doesn't it know we're supposed to be driving to MN this afternoon?!?!

Also, I spent 15 minutes this morning searching the house, my coat pockets, the basket where they're supposed to be, places things accumulate, etc. searching for my keys. Which I found upon returning home from dropping Pumpkin off at school (using Mr. Kluges's spare key) IN MY JEANS POCKET. Am idiot.

Too, too, too much still to do since I - silly girl that I am - opted to sleep last night instead of do stuff. Which is frustrating since I started doing prep trip LAST WEEK with wrapping stuff & washing/choosing/setting aside the girls' outfits, etc. So WHY do I still have so much to do today?! That's not going to teach me to avoid procrastination!

Plus, still snowing! Can't even tell Mr. Kluges did some snowblowing before leaving for work at 6:30.

Argh. Ok, gotta throw in the last load of laundry (towels, pjs, etc.) so it's not sitting around for a week. And finish packing toiletries, get DVDs from library, charge DVD player, etc. etc. etc.

Oh yeah, Happy Holidays to you all. Not sure how much posting I'll be doing while traveling, but we're looking forward to getting to see some of you in person! Hooray!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

p.s. Thank you, Neighbor C for blowing out our public sidewalk, own sidewalk & driveway since snowblower kill-key fell out this am and is lost in the snow. If it's not one thing, it's another.

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