Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Yes, he still owns a Monster Manual.

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Scene: Us four, sitting at the dinner table, tonight

Mr. Kluges: So, [Pumpkin], what was your advent calendar activity today?

Pumpkin: Um, hanging up the stockings!!!

K: (Looking through the doorway to the living room) Oh, yeah, there they are. Which one is yours?

P: The one with the Christmas tree! (runs over to it)

K: And which one is Mommy's.

P: This one!

K: And which one is mine?

P: This one!

K: And which one is [Penguin's]?

P: This one!

K: (to me) Man, how come the kids have the cool ones?

Ms. Huis Herself: What do you mean?! Ours have that cool knotwork at the top and match each other.

K: Yeah, but hers has a hippogriff on it! That's way cool!

MHH: (bursts out laughing) Hippogriff?! That's a REINDEER!

K: What? What? It looks like a hippogriff!

'Cuz, you know, everybody knows hippogriffs are very seasonal. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Hippogriff.


Mr. Kluges said...

Laugh all you want. My Santa is way cooler. His sleigh is drawn by gryphons and hippogryphs.

Mr. Kluges said...

Oh, and I have two monster manuals if anybody is counting.

Allknowingjen said...

At least hippogryphs actually have wings and can fly all the time and not just on Christmas Eve... Mr. K might be on to something there! I bet Santa could really economize if he switched to hippogryphs ;)

The Dude said...

Only *TWO* Monster Manuals???!?!

I'm embarrassed... :)

Mugsy said...

I think I wet my pants. (OH, and Steve says: "That would be really cool...")