Sunday, November 11, 2012

#6 Plastic Shrinky Dinks

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I came across a craft idea on Pinterest a while back.  It sounded interesting, especially since my girls had done a fairy-themed shrinky-dink kit this summer.  Basically you take #6 recyclable plastic, cut out the shape you want, punch any desired holes, color it with permanent markers, then shrink it in your oven.

Cheap, easy, potentially pretty result... is this too good to be true!?

 I'm here to say that, no, it's not!  I got a hold of some #6 plastic (a berry container or two, some take-away clear plastic, a Taco Bell nacho top), cut them into flat pieces maybe a couple inches per side (circles, rectangles, paisleys!), and let the girls color them.  With a paper punch, we punched holes in the ones we wanted for necklaces/bracelets.  Then we popped them, well spaced, on a parchment-paper-covered cookie sheet and threw 'em in a 350F oven.

They curled up, I worried they'd get stuck to themselves, then they curled back down and laid flat, we pulled them out and let them cool, and voila! Shrinky-dinks!!! Hooray!

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