Saturday, November 03, 2012


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So.... Mr. Kluges and I have been playing around with the idea of keeping bees.  For the honey, for the pollination, for the educational aspects, and for the environmental aspects in general.  Bees have been having it rough lately what with the Colony Collapse Disorder and all!  

First we checked with our town to see if bees were even allowed.  They are - in the backyard, a certain minimum distance from property lines, if less than a different distance there is need for a fence/barrier, etc.  

Then we talked about it and talked about it and talked about it.  

Then I took a one-day beginning beekeepers workshop with the Brown County Beekeepers' Association. We'd visited with folks from there are a couple of events in the past, including Honey Sunday at a local nature preserve.  The workshop was informative and encouraging.

Then on our anniversary, after a glass of wine or two, Mr. Kluges convinced me that we were ready... and we ordered our first hive kit.

Currently, in our attic, is an assembled (empty!) hive - one big box for the bottom with its ten frames, two smaller supers with their 10 frames each, and assorted other bits, waiting to be painted.  In my wallet is a membership card for the BCBA, which is functioning as a mental security blanket - I have people I can ask for advice!

Once spring comes... bring on the bees!*

*What have I gotten myself into!? 



Anonymous said...

I told my children about the bee-keeping awhile ago. They were VERY concerned about your well-being, and if it would still be safe to play in your yard. I assured them that you will educate yourself and take every precaution necessary. :)

pippasmum said...

I think that's so exciting. I have a daughter who is positively phobic about bees so it wouldn't happen here but I'd love to live through you :-) Keep us posted!

Pusher said...

I'm so jealous! I wish I could keep bees. (Minneapolis has legalized it, but my city has not.)

Now that you're going to have bees, I may even stop pestering you about chickens. :-)