Thursday, November 01, 2012

Happy Halloween

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Happy belated Halloween to you all!  I figured I'd better share a picture of my trick-or-treaters 'cuz they were darn cute, if I do say so myself.  Definitely my easiest year so far as a costume designer - they both wanted to be cats.  Well, they both did until Penguin saw a leopard print velvet leotard with long sleeves and legs at a second-hand store, when she promptly revised her wish to the larger, fiercer "cheetah!" version.  Fine and good, we visited a Halloween store where we found a suitable (actually quite nice) mask/tail combo... and then Pumpkin admired it so much I got her the matching mask/tail set in black rather than make her use the headband ears and elastic tail we had in the dress-up bin.  But they were adorable and warm, thanks to suitably colored fleece sweatshirts we already had, so it was all good. We even did an extra block this year in our quest for candy - my girls are getting big! :)


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gigisjoy said...

Very cute!