Monday, November 12, 2012

That Closet

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You know that one closet you've got?  The one that somehow has turned into a dumping ground? Where all the "I'll quick stick this in here 'cuz it's outta the way for now" stuff goes... and never comes out again?

Yeah, for me that's our office closet.  It's got construction paper and crafty stuff and some kid toys and old boxes and the library book bag and, And, AND!  

(Did I mention the AND?!)

I tackled it today.  

I pulled stuff out and rearranged.  I decluttered and tossed.  I kept what was working and tried to steamline areas that weren't. I detangled kite strings, picked up jewels, and put away temporary tattoos.

It's better.  It's not perfect, and there are still some odds and ends sitting out on the office floor (that are totally not getting picked up until tomorrow), but it's a heck of a lot better.

Now if I can just get all the glitter vacuumed up that has migrated all over the downstairs, I'll be happier yet. :) 


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