Thursday, November 22, 2012


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There are SO many things in my life for which I'm thankful - family, friends, health, plenty.  But today, I'm especially thankful that our noon-meal Thanksgiving feast was wonderful & went off without a hitch.  Here's the menu....

Mahogany Turkey with Vegetable Gravy  (basically this)
Garlic Mashed Potatoes*
Daddy's Broccoli*
Raw Cranberry-Orange Relish
Crescent Rolls
Grandma Yori's Homemade Pickles
Pumpkin Pie from a Garden Pumpkin*

 It was all delicious (even if the sweet potatoes were a bit salty) & we even ate at 12:10, which is amazing considering how many dishes there were to prepare & coordinate.  Granted, I might have had a bit more food than we needed, since there were only 4 adults & 2 kids, but hey, Thanksgiving feast leftovers are the bomb.

I hope that all of you American readers had equally delicious Turkey Day feasts!  Happy Thanksgiving!
 *made by Mr. Kluges

**Edited to add links to requested recipes.  

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Anonymous said...

sweet potato cubesand vanilla brown sugar squash sound great
recipes please