Tuesday, February 20, 2007


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Based on my own personal sample of 1 previous pregnancy with lots of heartburn and a baby born with a good head of hair...

...and this New York Times article....

...I think I might be having a werewolf.

(That or I should just buy stock in Gaviscon.)


Happy Veggie said...

Oh boy, I think we are too. Last night it actually woke me up. Yay for Tums.

Allknowingjen said...

Wow that is really interesting that they did a study! I guess I am one of the exceptions that proves the rule. Tons of heartburn, not so much with the hair.

Happy Veggie said...

Attila had hair... it was just invisible hair.

ShoNuff said...

WereWolfs are Sexy! I'm not even one and look how sexy I am:)

By the way is there anything from the States we should be bringing you? Anything easy to get here that's hard to get there? You probably know the restrictions better than us.

See you soon!

Kashka said...

Shonuff -- Pusher's already got a few boxes of Triscuits on the list on my tab.

ewe are here said...

Strange. I had zero heartburn with MF, and he had a fair amount of dark hair when he was born. Of course, it all fell out and came back in light blond.... so who knows.

As for this pregnancy, again, zero heartburn. Guess we'll have to see... ;-)

kittenpie said...

Bah ha ha ha ha! I love it.
(and I had not heard that before - weird!)